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Brian Goetz brian.goetz at oracle.com
Tue Feb 19 22:50:43 UTC 2019

Received on the -comments list.

My analysis: while the package { ... } syntax acts as a nice container 
for multiple class units, and might well have been a nicer syntax for 
multiple classes in the same source file than aux classes, it's really 
no different than allowing aux classes to be public; we are still left 
with the same problem of finding the source file corresponding to 
com/foo/X.class, because it will not necessarily be the corresponding 
com/foo/X.java in the source path.

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Subject: 	nest syntax alternative
Date: 	Fri, 15 Feb 2019 13:19:00 +0100
From: 	Maarten Van Puymbroeck <maarten.vanpuymbroeck at gmail.com>
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Just thinking out loud here.

Remi's proposals about the nest syntax and flattening of nested subtypes
gave me the idea of "package files".
This would allow all classes of a package to be defined in one file instead
of a directory, making them implicitly part of the same nest without the
nested class issue (if it's considered an issue). The concept would be
compiled away completely.

shedding a bike:

package com.test.expressions {
sealed class Expr {}
record Value(int value) extends Expr;
record Add(Expr left, Expr right) extends Expr;

Apart from the choice of nest host, this probably has other concerns. But
maybe the idea might spark some other ideas...

Kind regards,
(just a silent follower)

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