record components as a first class reflection element

Alex Buckley alex.buckley at
Tue Sep 24 19:33:18 UTC 2019

At first glance, this is sensible because of the first-class status in 
the JLS of record components and their mapping to accessors.

Based on a check of other implementations of AnnotatedElement, consider 
`boolean isVarArgs()` (IIRC a varargs component will be allowed) and 
`String toGenericString()`.


On 9/24/2019 12:05 PM, Vicente Romero wrote:
> Hi amber experts,
> We are considering our next move in the reflection area for records. It 
> will be hoisting record components to a first class status in the 
> reflection engine. Our current proposal is to define a new class named: 
> java.lang.reflect.RecordComponent which will will be roughly defined as:
> public final class RecordComponent implements AnnotatedElement {
>      private String name;
>      private Class<?> type;
>      private Method accessor;
>      public String getName() { return name; }
>      public Class<?> getType() { return type; }
>      public Type getGenericType() {...}
>      public AnnotatedType getAnnotatedType() {....}
>      public Method getAccessor() { return accessor; }
> }
> Along with this change we are also proposing changes to java.lang.Class. 
> Our proposal there is to remove current method: 
> java.lang.Class::getRecordAccessors and add a new method named: 
> java.lang.Class::getRecordComponents which will return a array of 
> java.lang.reflect.RecordComponents. Thanks in advance for sharing any 
> feedback on this proposal,
> Vicente

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