CFV: New Project: Penrose

Tim Ellison t.p.ellison at
Tue Jan 31 07:40:31 PST 2012

I hereby propose the creation of the Penrose Project with Tim Ellison as
the Lead and core-libs as the sponsoring Group.

The goal of the Penrose Project is to explore and implement
interoperability between the Jigsaw project and OSGi.  This goal is a
requirement of the Jigsaw Project [1].  The deliverable from Penrose
will be incorporated into Jigsaw.

To ensure the broadest possible collaboration between potential
contributors the project will maintain a code repository and two
separate mailing lists under terms described by the OpenJDK Bylaws [2].

The Penrose code repository and developers' mailing list will be under
the GPL license (GPL) version 2 with the Classpath exception and the
OpenJDK Assembly Exception, and the collaborators' mailing list will be
under the revised BSD license [3].

I will lead the project.  I work for IBM UK in the Java development
group, and have experience working on open source projects such as the
Eclipse Platform and Apache Harmony, and experience working with OSGi.

This project proposal is supported by:
  Alan Bateman (Oracle)
  David Bosschaert (Red Hat)
  Glyn Normington (VMWare)
  Mike Milinkovich (OpenJDK Board)
  Per Gustafson (Makewave AB)
  Shi Jun Zhang (IBM China)
  (apologies if I missed anyone)

The initial committers will be:
  David Bosschaert (Red Hat)
  Shi Jun Zhang (IBM China)
  Tim Ellison (IBM UK)

Votes are due by Tuesday February 14th, 2012 at 17:00h UTC.

Only current OpenJDK Members [4] are eligible to vote on this motion.

For Lazy Consensus voting instructions, see [5].

Tim Ellison


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