Result: New Group: Client Libraries; Dissolved Groups: AWT, 2D, Swing, & Sound

mark.reinhold at mark.reinhold at
Wed Jul 14 17:16:25 UTC 2021

The Governing Board has voted to approve the creation of the Client
Libraries Group, with Phil Race as the initial Lead, and to approve
the dissolution of the AWT, 2D, Swing, and Sound Groups [1][2][3].

The new Group will sponsor the OpenJFX and Lanai Projects.  The
Harfbuzz, Framebuffer Toolkit, and XRender Pipeline Projects are
dissolved by virtue of losing their sponsoring Groups.

Yes: 5
No: 0
Abstain: 0

According to the Bylaws definition of Two-Thirds Majority, this is
sufficient to approve the new Group and its initial Lead.

(Only a Simple Majority is required to approve the creation of the
 new Group, but a Two-Thirds Majority is required to dissolve the
 old Groups [4].)

- Mark


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