<AWT Dev> Window Decorations do not work on x86_64

Francis Kung fkung at redhat.com
Thu Aug 2 11:02:33 PDT 2007


It looks like I was a bit premature in blaming a patch for this bug; it 
turns out to be a much more subtle problem with the build system (and 
completely unrelated to XPanelPeer, which had the unfortunate position 
of being in the wrong place at the wrong time =)  ).  My extreme 
apologies for heading in the wrong direction with this.

The real problem here is between lesstif and openmotif.  The 
PropMwmHints struct has a different size, and thus lesstif is 
incompatible with OpenJDK on 64-bit architectures.

This also explains why the Sun developers weren't seeing this (I assume 
they use openmotif), and a stray ALT_MOTIF_DIR setting in my build 
environment, left-over from a b14 build, led me on a wild goose chase 
last week.


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