<AWT Dev> Better support for external Toolkits/GraphicEnvs

Roman Kennke roman.kennke at aicas.com
Wed Jun 20 07:11:14 PDT 2007


> > At the moment I'm trying to get GNU Classpath's GTK peers (and a handful
> > of own peer/graphicsenv implementations for embedded systems) working
> > with OpenJDK. I'm encountering a couple of problems and I ask myself if
> > the OpenJDK project has any interest in patches to improve support for
> > external toolkits.
> > 
> > For example, there's a bunch of places with code like this:
> > 
> >     private void initPeer() {
> >         if (Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit() instanceof HeadlessToolkit){
> >             peer =
> > ((HeadlessToolkit)Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit()).createKeyboardFocusManagerPeer(this);
> >         }
> >         if (Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit() instanceof SunToolkit){        
> >             peer =
> > ((SunToolkit)Toolkit.getDefaultToolkit()).createKeyboardFocusManagerPeer(this);                  
> >         }
> >     }
> > 
> > Obviously, this wouldn't work with anything except the built-in
> > toolkits.
> it is a sweet dream to have pluggable toolkit.  So, the answer is yes we 
> would like to clean such places.  As usual the only problem is a price 
> :)  For example, for this particular case you will need to add new 
> method to Toolkit,

nope I don't. I'd introduce an interface (e.g.
sun.awt.KeyboardFocusManagerPeerProvider), let SunToolkit,
HeadlessToolkit and my Toolkits implement this and check+call against
the interface :-)

>  for others you may need to do even more :(

Yeah I know. I'm motivated (paid) to work hard ;-)

> So, although we would be happy to clean the code and make the toolkit 
> pluggable, I, personally, afraid that this is very hard.  And thus even 
> if you are going to to this I'd suggest to start from places which do 
> not require API changes.

Of course. No API changes from my side. Hopefully.

> > Other areas where I suspect big problems are fonts and probably images.
> > It seems like OpenJDK has no support for a pluggable font implementation
> > at all. However, the GTK peers rely on their own implementation (which
> > is abstracted behind an extension of FontPeer).
> well, fonts and images are 2D areas :) you should propose this on their 
> alias.

Eh, yes. I'm not yet used to the separation of AWT and Java2D. For me
this is mostly the same thing.

> > With the new FB-Toolkit project approved, I'd guess that there would be
> > interest in developing a clean(er) interface and allowing alternative
> > peers and graphics environments to be plugged in, is that correct? If so
> > I would prepare some patches soon.
> I'd suggest to start FBToolkit as subclass of SunToolkit, because this 
> will simplify the process, but, as I said above, patches are welcome 
> (although do not expect that all wil be accepted ;)

Ok, I'll go hacking now.

Cheers, Roman
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