<AWT Dev> Better support for external Toolkits/GraphicEnvs

Steph Meslin-Weber steph at tangency.co.uk
Wed Jun 20 07:23:20 PDT 2007

Hi Roman, Oleg,

> > > With the new FB-Toolkit project approved, I'd guess that there would be
> > > interest in developing a clean(er) interface and allowing alternative
> > > peers and graphics environments to be plugged in, is that correct? If so
> > > I would prepare some patches soon.
> >
> > I'd suggest to start FBToolkit as subclass of SunToolkit, because this
> > will simplify the process, but, as I said above, patches are welcome
> > (although do not expect that all wil be accepted ;)

Once the last outstanding issue with the java.net fbtoolkit project is
resolved, Guillaume and I will start comitting our existing work. We
do have a fair amount of code already and would prefer having it out
in public so we can start discussions on details like these.

Having the code out there will also allow us to talk about pluggable
Font implementations, something that FBToolkit already supports at the
AWT 1.1 level (where we have existing support for multi-bpp BDF and
24bit PJAF bitmapped fonts).


Steph Meslin-Weber,	steph at tangency.co.uk

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