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Phil Race Phil.Race at Sun.COM
Fri Jun 22 10:13:40 PDT 2007


Roman Kennke wrote:
> There seems to be some serious scepticism about this [2][3] which might
> be a good thing. So I'm pondering whether it is worth the effort doing
> this inside OpenJDK or if I should rather do it in an external project
> (avoiding the f-word here), with the option to merge the changes in
> later down the road. I'd think that this is better done inside OpenJDK,

There's a subtle (to me) distinction between openjdk and the source
code base used to build the jdk 7 project.

I think its expected to be the norm that ideas like this are projects
*within* the openjdk community, and aren't automatically changes to
the mainstream source code base/jdk7/whatever you want to call it,
until they are accepted by the owner of that project.
BTW I'm sure some of my nuances here aren't exactly right.

> especially with the valuable input of you all. IMO this would result in
> a better archtictured AWT for everybody. On the other hand, if I do this
> externally you wouldn't be bothered so much with stuff that you have no
> interest in anyway and I could probably progress faster.
> I'd like to hear your opinions on that issue with the goal to reach a
> decision whether we should try to develop that inside OpenJDK or if I
> should better do it separately. I'd also like to keep the technical
> considerations low (let's do that if we decide for yes). I know it's
> possible to do and I am going to do this anyway, the question is as part
> of OpenJDK or not.

Subject to CCC, small changes that really don't have any impact on
the product are probably fine. But I am trying to be upfront that
because one change towards the end goal looks OK, doesn't mean that
everything needed for that goal is pre-approved.
Who knows, I could be way off here, maybe it'll all be fine, but
I think its going to be a lot of work and one mportant question,
is what happens when we find something that requires a big
architectural change?


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