<AWT Dev> PATCH: Color.createContext fixlet

Phil Race Phil.Race at Sun.COM
Wed Apr 16 12:02:51 PDT 2008

FYI: this is due to the fix for 6530420 in JDK7 and 6-open inherited it.
Bug 6573289 was filed against JDK7.
Whilst its resolved differently in JDK 7, it looks like backing out
some part of 6530420 is what needs to be done here ( 6-open).


Keith Seitz wrote:
> Hi,
> OpenJDK 6 fails to meet the API requirements for Color.createContext.
> Specifically: "The same PaintContext is returned, regardless of whether
> or not r, r2d, xform, or hints are null." As it is today,
> Color.createContext will return a different PaintContext every time it
> is called.
> The attached patch corrects this.
> Keith

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