<AWT Dev> PATCH: Color.createContext fixlet

Andrei V. Dmitriev Andrei.Dmitriev at Sun.COM
Thu Apr 17 02:45:06 PDT 2008


what's the source bundle number you are using?
Seem this defect is already fixed:

I also tried to take the latest source bundle from
(it is b09 Apr 11 2008) and the problem seem gone away.


Keith Seitz wrote:
> Hi,
> OpenJDK 6 fails to meet the API requirements for Color.createContext.
> Specifically: "The same PaintContext is returned, regardless of whether
> or not r, r2d, xform, or hints are null." As it is today,
> Color.createContext will return a different PaintContext every time it
> is called.
> The attached patch corrects this.
> Keith

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