<AWT Dev> Why does JFrame.setSize conflict with JFrame.setExtendedState?

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at gmail.com
Tue Mar 25 15:38:59 PDT 2008

Hi Oleg,

Thanks a lot for anwering.

> Well it should either show 800x600 and maximize, or simply show
> maximized.
Yes that was also my assumption.
The idea behind the code was that the window should show up maximized,
and when the user clicks on the maximize icon/button in the
window-title-bar, the JFrame should resize to the 800x600 size.

> I have tried similar test on my KDE and usually I see correct behavior.
>  And sometimes I see non-maximized frame 800x600.  I've tested with
> 6u10
>  b11.  What version do you use?
I tested with 6u10b13, but saw the same behaviour till back to
JDK-1.4.2, and also with 6u10 and MAWT.

I see the same behaviour as you. Usually it opens up with 800x600 and
maximizes, but sometimes it simply stays at 800x600.
Could it be that there's a race somewhere, and the window-manager gets
the command to maximize before the command to set the window to

Sleeping 100ms between resizing and maximizing it works reliable:
setSize(800, 600);

With JDK7b19 I somtimes see the window maximized only horizontal (1280
on my laptop) but only 50px high, which is of course even worse,
however I never see it 800x600.

Any ideas where this could come from? Adding XSync() to
XBaseWindow.setBounds does not help ;)

Thanks a lot, lg Clemens

PS: this has really low priority for me, I just found it and thought
its worth reporting. I hope I don't steal any time away ...

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