<AWT Dev> Problem with modal Dialog

Roman Kennke roman.kennke at aicas.com
Mon Feb 16 05:28:04 PST 2009

Hi Artem,

>>> Hrmpf. Seems I cannot. The disclaimer says 'During the initial rollout
>>> phase, this site will only be accepting and tracking patch contributions
>>> from developers without push access to the OpenJDK 6 and 7 forests.' and
>>>  since I _have_ push access, I can't file bug reports. Too bad.
>>> BTW, simply sending this over the EQ is no solution either, because then
>>> later it will fail to invokeAndWait(). I will think a little more about
>>> this, or maybe anybody has a quick idea?
>> Just an idea (have not evaluated it carefully):
>> perhaps we should set keepBlockingEDT to false not in 
>> hideAndDisposeHandler(),
>> but in WakingRunnable.run() instead.
> I'm looking at this problem at the moment. The problem is the instance 
> of WakingRunnable is not run on EDT at all - I don't know why.

I know why. It is because the DisposeAction is run _immediately_, before 
the WakingRunnable had a chance. This DisposeAction calls 
removeNotify(), which leads to all events on the EQ that are related to 
the Dialog beeing discarded.


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