<AWT Dev> dutch translation of the print dialog: sun/print/resources/serviceui.properties

Phil Race Phil.Race at Sun.COM
Tue Jul 14 10:37:54 PDT 2009

Geoffrey De Smet wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there a dutch translation of the printerjob dialog planned?

For printing you should be writing on the 2d-dev list.

But this is really a localization policy question and should not be 
specific to a
particular UI component. I'm not sure where to take that. Probably to 

> If not and I create the serverui_nl.properties file as a patch, is 
> there a committer that will take it upon himself to review and commit it?

Apart from the fact that localization of a single component  is not that 
interesting (by my count
there are about two dozen L10N properties files across the JDK) , 
there's the maintenance issue.
Someone needs to track any changes to components that are localised and 
make corresponding changes.
So I think there's a reluctance to take back one-off localizations.

> Is there any chance of getting it into a java 6 update too?

There is almost no likelihood of getting a Dutch localization into JDK6 


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