<AWT Dev> <Swing Dev> Review request: 6852592 (revalidate() must be smarter)

Christopher Deckers chrriis at gmail.com
Wed Jul 15 12:14:39 PDT 2009

Hi Anthony,

> One more concern that comes to my mind is that the logic stated in the
> Swing's method specification is going to be implemented on the AWT's side,
> which I don't like much. So definitely we need more opinions on this
> proposal.

This may be a stupid idea, so disregard it if it is :)
If the problem is having isValidateRoot() used by AWT code, why not promote:
public/protected boolean isValidateRoot()
to the Container class? It would obviously return false by default,
but if custom code wants to play with it (which is anyway unlikely to
happen) why not! After all, is there anything specially swingish with
this method?


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