<AWT Dev> Review request: 6689983 (reevaluate our inset-related code in XAWT)

Anthony Petrov Anthony.Petrov at Sun.COM
Tue Jun 16 08:06:46 PDT 2009


The insets-related code in the XToolkit has been a nightmare to maintain 
for quite a long time. This fix is a try to rewrite the code making it 
more understandable and maintainable.

Testing: all more-or-less related automatic regression tests have been 
run. Categories include but not limited to: top-level tests, layouts 
tests, embedded frame tests, mouse events tests, focus tests, menu/popup 
menu tests, and some other. Nearly 60 tests were found failing with a 
clean build, so I filed the corresponding CRs. The rest pass with this 
fix on:

linux-i586: Gnome/Metacity 2.24, Gnome/Compiz 2.24/0.7.8, KDE/KWin 4.1.3/3.0

solaris-sparc: Gnome/Metacity 2.8, CDE/DTWM Solaris 10

Please review the code at: 

Suggestions are welcome. Thanks!

best regards,

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