<AWT Dev> XToolkit beep does not work consistently

Artem Ananiev Artem.Ananiev at Sun.COM
Fri Jun 19 04:23:33 PDT 2009

Anthony Petrov wrote:
> On 06/17/2009 07:39 PM, Andrew John Hughes wrote:
>>> I opened a new bug report, with a patch and test case here:
>>> https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/show_bug.cgi?id=100075
>> I can confirm we still apply this fix to OpenJDK7 too, so it's needed
>> for both repos.
>> Any comments? Can we push this fix?
> Thanks for the fix. Generally it looks good, however we currently don't 
> use the awtFUnlock() method for some reason, and I think at some point 
> the method will just be removed.
> Instead I suggest calling the XFlush() just after the XBell() call. 

I'd better use awtFUnlock(). This method was introduced to reduce the 
number of calls to XFlush, and I don't know why it's not used in XAWT... 
Still, I'm fine with any version of the fix, either awtFUnlock() or 



> Similar approach is used across the XToolkit code, so that would look 
> better at least for the matter of consistency. Can you update the patch 
> please?
> -- 
> best regards,
> Anthony

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