<AWT Dev> [PATCH FOR APPROVAL]: Fix broken build on newer versions of X11 (libXext >= 1.1.0)

Andrew John Hughes gnu_andrew at member.fsf.org
Tue Nov 3 11:20:44 PST 2009

With the new version of X11 (specifically libXext >= 1.1), the XShm.h
header has been refactored.

As a result, the build fails on awt_GraphicsEnv.c.  This simple patch:


fixes the issue, without affecting older versions.  It's trivial, but
very important; this new X11 is already in Gentoo, it'll be in F12
(where we first discovered this issue), and it's no doubt heading to
an Ubuntu near you soon.

The patch was contributed by Diego Pettenò <flameeyes at gmail.com>, who
I'm informed has signed the SCA.

Does this look ok? If so, can I have a bug ID to push this to the
awt-gate (or wherever is appropriate)?

Andrew :-)

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