<AWT Dev> 6890458: Datatransfer API should not require RMI to be present - approved

Alexey Utkin Alexey.Utkin at Sun.COM
Fri Nov 13 04:11:29 PST 2009

Looks good for me.
The old functionality is conserved by this change.


Alan Bateman wrote:
> Alexey Utkin - would you mind reviewing this?
> I'd like to change the implementation of the AWT data transfer API so 
> that it doesn't require RMI to be present. In other words, if the 
> application is not using remote interfaces then it shouldn't matter if 
> java.rmi.Remote is accessible or not and 
> DataFlavor.isFlavorRemoteObjectType will always return false. If the 
> application is using remote interfaces then it requires RMI to be 
> present and everything works as it does now. The webrev with the 
> changes is here:
>  http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~alanb/6890458/webrev.00/
> I didn't find any tests that exercise this code in the 
> jtreg/regression suite but Girish Ramachandran helped me on this so 
> I'm confident that it doesn't introduce any regressions.
> Thanks,
> Alan.

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