<AWT Dev> Regression test jawa/awt/Window/AlwaysOnTopEvenOfWindow failures on OpenJDK6 & Gnome

Pavel Tisnovsky ptisnovs at redhat.com
Mon Oct 19 07:05:33 PDT 2009


regression test jawa/awt/Window/AlwaysOnTopEvenOfWindow regularly fails 
on these platforms:

Fedora 10/11, RHEL 5.3
i386, x86_64
* Gnome as desktop environment *

It looks like that AWT Window constructed by calling new Window(null) is 
always shown on top (at least on Gnome), regardless of other settings. 
For example frame.setAlwaysOnTop(true) does not change order of top 
level containers.

I'm not sure about Window constructed by new Window(null) correct 
behaviour. That probably means that this Window does not have parent 
container, but JavaDoc (only) says: "A window must have either a frame, 
dialog, or another window defined as its owner when it's constructed."

When I change line 49 to Frame win = new Frame(); (Frame is constructed 
instead of Window), test passes.

My question is: is this regression test written incorrectly or has 
OpenJDK6 & Gnome bug in top level containers handling?

Thank you for your answers,
Pavel Tisnovsky

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