<AWT Dev> Review request #0: 6402325 (Swing toolbars vs native toolbars on Windows)

Anthony Petrov Anthony.Petrov at Sun.COM
Tue Oct 20 09:02:38 PDT 2009

Hello AWT team,

Please review a preliminary version of the fix for RFE:

6402325 (Swing toolbars vs native toolbars on Windows)

The webrev:

Notes regarding implementation:

1. As suggested by Mike Swingler, setting the type is only possible
while the window has not been made displayable.

2. To reduce the complexity of the implementation, I decided we do not
need to deal with the focusability of utility windows. If a developer 
needs an unfocusable utility window, they can use existing Java API to 
achieve that.

3. The title-bar of an utility window is not made persistently active:
the focused state depends on whether the window has focus or not.
Implementing that feature on Windows would require hacking the
WM_NCACTIVATE/WM_NCPAINT message handlers which, actually, can easily be
broken when running with DWM enabled on Vista, and is a hack anyway. On
X11 I've no idea if that is even possible at all: there's no tips in the
EWMH specification, and besides that, everything depends on the theme of
a window manager. So I don't think we're able to implement this

best regards,

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