<AWT Dev> Bug 6913179: The java.awt.FileDialog should use native GTK file chooser on linux distros

Costantino Cerbo c.cerbo at gmail.com
Mon Jan 11 14:28:26 PST 2010

Hi Anthony,

Mon Jan 11 07:11:18 PST 2010 Anthony Petrov<Anthony.Petrov at sun.com> wrotes:
>That would be awesome. We certainly don't want to introduce a hard
>dependency on the presence of the GTK libraries to run Java programs.
Ok, than I will create a separate GtkFileDialogPeer.
Is there already a way in the JDK to detect the presence of the GTK
libraries, so that in this case
sun.awt.X11.XToolkit#createFileDialog(FileDialog) can return
GtkFileDialogPeer instead of XFileDialogPeer?

>That better be addresses with a separate fix. Currently we don't have an
>implementation for that functionality on the MS Windows platform, so the
>fix would have to introduce both Windows and X11 versions.
Okay, we can temporarily leave out this functionality. Anyway do you
agree that it's a good idea?
I can do the fix for the X11 platform.

>You can do incremental builds (i.e. running the make at make/sun/xawt or
>make/sun|java/awt) only after you have compiled the whole OpenJDK.
I have compiled the whole OpenJDK without problem and then I've set
this variable:
  export ALT_JDK_IMPORT_PATH=/home/c.cerbo/openjdk/jdk7/mytl/build/linux-i586/j2sdk-image
but I get still the errors that I've attached in my previous mail.


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