<AWT Dev> Bug 6913179, FileDialog uses native GTK under Linux: first patch

Costantino Cerbo c.cerbo at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 15:08:26 PST 2010

Hello Anthony,

thanks for your comments.
I'm taking care of them and I'll respond and send you a new patch in
the next days.

2010/1/21 Anthony Petrov <Anthony.Petrov at sun.com>:
>> I suppose that you're cloning the full forest with all the subtrees (tl,
>> build, etc. etc.), but what you really need is just the jdk repository. Get
>> it alone (remember to use clone instead of fclone when cloning a subtree),
>> set the ALT_JDK_IMPORT_PATH as recommended in the README-build documents,
>> and you're ready to build as quickly as possible. And the incremental builds
>> will start working properly then.
How do I close just the jdk repository?
I've tried with:
  $ hg clone http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk7/jdk7/tl/jdk
but it still doesn't work.

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