<AWT Dev> Bug 6913179, FileDialog uses native GTK under Linux: first patch

Costantino Cerbo c.cerbo at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 00:19:38 PST 2010

Hi Anthony,

2010/1/25 Anthony Petrov <Anthony.Petrov at sun.com>:
> 2. src/solaris/classes/sun/awt/X11/GtkFileDialogPeer.java
>>  86                 fd.setVisible(false);
>>  89                 fd.setVisible(false);
> I'm not really sure if you need these calls. Also, I think that the second
> one could cause an endless loop if it weren't guarded on the shared level in
> Component.show(boolean). I think calling run() or quit() should be enough
> for it to function correctly.

In my previous email I forgot to say, that I add the call to
"fd.setVisible(..)" because without that the component isn't disposed
and also if we close the main Frame a thread remains alive.

Best regards,

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