<AWT Dev> Bug 6913179, FileDialog uses native GTK under Linux: first patch

Anthony Petrov Anthony.Petrov at Sun.COM
Thu Jan 28 09:16:47 PST 2010

Hi Costantino,

On 1/28/2010 2:22 AM Costantino Cerbo wrote:
>> What concerns me is that file dialogs are modal. And if you invoke its
>> setVisble(true) on the EDT, the event dispatching is going to be locked. Try
> I'm reconsidering this subject to find a solution. I've already tried
> to use a new thread as you suggested, but the in this case the
> GTKFileDialog doesn't start.

What do you mean by "doesn't start"? Doesn't gtk_main() print out any 
diagnostic output to stderr? Or does it get invoked at all? The 
following seems useful also:


They suggest to wrap the gtk_main() in enter/leave calls. That might be 
quite our case since gtk gets loaded on a thread different from one 
where we actually use it.

best regards,

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