<AWT Dev> Question regarding locking in EventQueue

Roman Kennke roman at kennke.org
Tue Nov 16 04:49:58 PST 2010

> > Interesting, I didn't know that. Do you have any pointers to documents
> > about this? Would be interesting for me to see how that works.
> > Intuitively I would have assumed that the bytecode level locking would
> > be more efficient than method calls. I know these are intrinsics, but
> > still ... how can those be *more* efficient? Just curious...
> This was recently asked on the concurrency-discuss list:
> http://cs.oswego.edu/pipermail/concurrency-interest/2010-November/007491.html
>         > Does synchronized still have a better internal implementation over
>         > j.u.c.Lock as this old blog entry says -
>         > http://blogs.sun.com/dave/entry/java_util_concurrent_reentrantlock_vs ?
>         >
>         The scales have shifted back and forth, but it's not something to worry
>         about at this point.

Ha! The one list I am not subscribed to ;-)

Is there a way to bulk-subscribe to all lists? I'd rather get lots of
traffic from one list and filter this than track millions of lists with
almost no traffic.

Cheers, Roman

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