<AWT Dev> JAWT Breakage in OpenJDK 7/8

Mario Torre neugens at redhat.com
Tue Aug 7 06:38:32 PDT 2012

Il giorno mar, 07/08/2012 alle 17.18 +0400, Anthony Petrov ha scritto:

> I agree with Artem that pre-loading the jawt library unconditionally is 
> a bad thing to do, because even tiny milliseconds matter. Besides, a 
> fair amount of Java GUI applications simply don't require jawt, so this 
> pre-loading looks unnecessary.
> I also agree with Omair and Mario on that old applications cannot be 
> modified sometimes, and therefore, whilst it makes some sense to update 
> the doc and suggest developers to System.loadLibrary("jawt") in their 
> app, we should still make sure old applications work as expected.
> I've also read the discussion that took place on build-dev@ regarding 
> this issue, and it seems to me that adding an RPATH entry to launchers 
> is the right solution for this issue. We may want to also add a comment 
> there and state that this entry is added specifically to address the 
> jawt use case. Perhaps it makes sense to also add a comment somewhere in 
> a jawt makefile to state that we rely on this RPATH entry in the 
> launcher. This way we can ensure that even if the jawt library is moved 
> around, the relevant RPATH entry gets updated accordingly as well.

This sounds to me a pretty good solution, yes,

Thanks for looking at this issue!


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