<AWT Dev> [8] Review request for 7190587 Open source and jtreg'ify JAWT regression test

Anthony Petrov anthony.petrov at oracle.com
Tue Aug 28 06:46:48 PDT 2012

On 8/28/2012 5:13 PM, Konstantin Shefov wrote:
>> Why is this necessary? This must be a bug in JDK if the library still 
>> needs to be copied to the current directory on Windows. Could you 
>> verify if the test still works w/o copying the dll? It must, actually.
> I cannot verify it on JDK 8 (Windows only issue, Solaris and Linux work 
> fine) because on Windows this test compiles only with JDK 1.4.2 fcs b28! 
> Even if I use JDK 1.4.2 u39 b02, I have the following compiler error:
> link -nologo -dll -out:mylib.dll myfile.obj gdi32.lib user32.lib 
> C:/jdk/j2sdk1.4.2_39b02\\lib\\jawt.lib

I believe this line causes the error. The linker simply doesn't see the 
jawt.lib module. Please try using the following name for the module:


instead of the current one:


(note the changes in slashes). I think make and/or cygwin/MKS can mangle 
the file name. There must be a way to make them return a proper full 
path name for the file so that the linker could see the module.

Actually, I suggest to pass the following option to the linker:


and list the jawt.lib simply by name together with other .lib's you're 
linking against.

Please try this and see if it works for you.

best regards,

>    Creating library mylib.lib and object mylib.exp
> myfile.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol 
> __imp__JAWT_GetAWT at 8 referenced in function _Java_MyCanvas_paint at 12
> mylib.dll : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals
> NMAKE : fatal error U1077: '"C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Microsoft Visual 
> Studio 11.0\\VC\\BIN\\link.EXE"' : return code '0x460'
> It seems there is no "__imp__JAWT_GetAWT at 8" in jawt.lib since 1.4.2 fcs...
>> -- 
>> best regards,
>> Anthony
>> On 8/27/2012 8:29 PM, Konstantin Shefov wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Please review a fix for the issue:
>>> 7190587 Open source and jtreg'ify JAWT regression test
>>> Test was modified in to be run with jtreg.
>>> The webrev is http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~kshefov/7190587/webrev.00/
>>> Thanks,
>>> Konstantin

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