<AWT Dev> Warning Fixes from LJC Hack Session

Chris Hegarty chris.hegarty at oracle.com
Sat Feb 4 00:05:55 PST 2012


Looks good to me.

Trivially, the generic type in ComponentBeanInfo could simply be 
Class<?>, since the actual type is not used. But, what you have is fine.

Thanks for this contribution. I'm sure Stuart will do the integration 
for you.


On 02/ 4/12 07:48 AM, Michael Barker wrote:
>> I see Rémi has suggested a slice&  dice but I think that's a bit too much
>> work for the changes involved. Instead I would suggest a simple split, send
>> the AWT/Printing/Beans changes to awt-dev + 2d-dev, and everything else to
>> core-libs-dev.
> Attached is a patch that contains the awt/printing/beans changes from
> the LJC hack session.
> Mike.

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