<AWT Dev> [8] Review Request for CR 8011686 AWT accidentally disables the NSApplicationDelegate of SWT, causing loss of OS X integration functionality

Petr Pchelko petr.pchelko at oracle.com
Fri Apr 12 02:09:42 PDT 2013

Hello, AWT Team.

Please review the fix for the issue:
The webrev is available at:

The issue is described in details in the bug description. Shortly, we were installing a nil ApplicationDelegated in the embedded mode when we should have not. This breaked the SWT, removing it's application delegate. 

This fix was provided by Markus Persson in the bug description, so I will put him to the Contributed-by field when pushing. Markus, do you have an openjdk id?

With best regards. Petr.

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