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Vladimir Kravets vova.kravets at gmail.com
Mon Apr 15 09:56:14 PDT 2013

Hi guys,

I'm using in my application fullscreen mode. Since 1.6 java have a lot of
issue with it I using X11 native binding for it.
Use JNA 3.4. To going to fullscreen I send XSendEvent as _NET_WM_STATE with

You can look at test application on the github:
https://github.com/vkravets/FullScreenTest. Main Class: Main or MinTest

So about the issue... I have an issue with modal dialogs or windows which I
try to show when my main window in fullscreen mode.
>From 1.7 java is not working as expected. In 1.6 java modal dialogs/windows
appeared above fullscreen window as it should be, but in 1.7 and 1.8 all
modal dialogs/windows appeared under the fullscreen window.

I'm using wm Metacity, the same I have noticed on Gnome Shell... It seems
that it's related to all clones of Metacity...

I'm try to see how it's perform by defult native frameworks and I tested
GTK3 and SWT which is using GTK bindings. And everything is working as
expected. SmartGit which written on Java and use SWT don't have such
problem. VLC/GTK the same - in fullscreen mode I can call some dialogs
which will be appeared above fullscreen window.

It's very strange  for me that Java in own documentation have such lines:
Quote from GraphicsDevice#setFullScreenWindow:
Windows cannot overlap the full-screen window. All other application
windows will always appear beneath the full-screen window in the Z-order.

Since from 1.7 java is using the same message _NET_WM_STATE with
_NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN to going to fullscreeb and is not clear why we
have such broken behavior with modal dialogs from 1.7 java and such lines
in the documentation....

I'm already posted a defect to Oracle but Ithink it will be marked as
duplicate since I found such issue
http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=7192269 which marked as
Not an Issue and for me is not clear why?

Could you please suggest workaround? Or please fix this =)

Best Regards,
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