<AWT Dev> Modal dialogs for fullscreen window

Anthony Petrov anthony.petrov at oracle.com
Wed Apr 17 02:56:24 PDT 2013

Hi Vladimir,

Thanks for your investigations. Setting the _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DIALOG 
type for dialog windows looks reasonable to me.

Do you want to make a patch, test it, and post it here for review? Since 
you're on a *NIX system, building OpenJDK shouldn't be a problem at all. 
Just `bash ./configure && make`. The ./configure script will tell you 
about all the required packages that need to be installed.

best regards,

On 04/16/2013 08:03 PM, Vladimir Kravets wrote:
> Guys we have the real problem....And appears it not related to
> fullscreen window =)
> If window.alwaysOnTop(true) all dialogs in Metacity and its clones will
> be shown under the main window..... =(
> Thanks,
> Vladimir
> 2013/4/16 Vladimir Kravets <vova.kravets at gmail.com
> <mailto:vova.kravets at gmail.com>>
>     I look at the mutter source and found that for dialog or for window
>     which have WM_TRANSIENT_FOR should set type _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_DIALOG.
>     If you look at
>     https://git.gnome.org/browse/mutter/tree/src/core/window.c#n8059 and
>     https://git.gnome.org/browse/mutter/tree/src/core/window.c#n8120
>     At the fist step will check _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE if this set it will
>     set the window type according to this type and WM_TRANSIENT_FOR will
>     not check in this case. If _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE is not set and
>     WM_TRANSIENT_FOR is set the mutter will set to this  window the
>     have more priority then WM_TRANSIENT_FOR...
>     Thus since AWT even for dialogs set _NET_WM_WINDOW_TYPE_NORMAL (AWT
>     sets this always!!!!) we have incorrect behavior of modal dialogs in
>     mutter and posible in another WM which using the same behavior.
>     Please fix this, since it's regression from 1.7 and this problem
>     touch even Gnome3!
>     2013/4/16 Vladimir Kravets <vova.kravets at gmail.com
>     <mailto:vova.kravets at gmail.com>>
>         Heh... I see that Anthony made this changes 3 years ago =(
>         http://hg.openjdk.java.net/jdk7/build/jdk/rev/ca34cfff70a4
>         Thanks,
>         Vladimir
>         2013/4/16 Artem Ananiev <artem.ananiev at oracle.com
>         <mailto:artem.ananiev at oracle.com>>
>             Hi, Vladimir,
>             I took a short look at your test at github. The test
>             implements its own mechanism to enter fullscreen by adding
>             _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN to the list of atoms in
>             _NET_WM_STATE. There may be a conflict between XToolkit and
>             the test, for example, caused by using different Display
>             objects.
>             In XToolkit, _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN is only used in
>             exclusive fullscreen mode, see the code in
>             X11GraphicsDevice. I can't say for sure if OpenGL is used in
>             this case. As for owned windows, nothing special is done
>             about them. If a window has an owner, WM_TRANSIENT_FOR is
>             set for it, which should be respected by WM. As you say that
>             WM_TRANSIENT_FOR works fine together with
>             _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN in most of the modern WMs, it
>             should work for Java windows as well.
>             Could you check all the window properties both for the
>             fullscreen window and for the child windows, in your
>             environment, please? Are there any chances some of the
>             properties (_NET_WM_STATE, WM_TRANSIENT_FOR) are not set for
>             some reason?
>             Thanks,
>             Artem
>             On 4/15/2013 8:56 PM, Vladimir Kravets wrote:
>                 Hi guys,
>                 I'm using in my application fullscreen mode. Since 1.6
>                 java have a lot
>                 of issue with it I using X11 native binding for it.
>                 Use JNA 3.4. To going to fullscreen I send XSendEvent as
>                 _NET_WM_STATE
>                 with _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN
>                 You can look at test application on the github:
>                 https://github.com/vkravets/__FullScreenTest
>                 <https://github.com/vkravets/FullScreenTest>. Main
>                 Class: Main or MinTest
>                 So about the issue... I have an issue with modal dialogs
>                 or windows
>                 which I try to show when my main window in fullscreen mode.
>                   From 1.7 java is not working as expected. In 1.6 java
>                 modal
>                 dialogs/windows appeared above fullscreen window as it
>                 should be, but in
>                 1.7 and 1.8 all modal dialogs/windows appeared under the
>                 fullscreen window.
>                 I'm using wm Metacity, the same I have noticed on Gnome
>                 Shell... It
>                 seems that it's related to all clones of Metacity...
>                 I'm try to see how it's perform by defult native
>                 frameworks and I tested
>                 GTK3 and SWT which is using GTK bindings. And everything
>                 is working as
>                 expected. SmartGit which written on Java and use SWT
>                 don't have such
>                 problem. VLC/GTK the same - in fullscreen mode I can
>                 call some dialogs
>                 which will be appeared above fullscreen window.
>                 It's very strange  for me that Java in own documentation
>                 have such lines:
>                 Quote from GraphicsDevice#__setFullScreenWindow:
>                 "
>                 Windows cannot overlap the full-screen window. All other
>                 application
>                 windows will always appear beneath the full-screen
>                 window in the Z-order.
>                 "
>                 Since from 1.7 java is using the same message
>                 _NET_WM_STATE with
>                 _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN to going to fullscreeb and is
>                 not clear why we
>                 have such broken behavior with modal dialogs from 1.7
>                 java and such
>                 lines in the documentation....
>                 I'm already posted a defect to Oracle but Ithink it will
>                 be marked as
>                 duplicate since I found such issue
>                 http://bugs.sun.com/__bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug___id=7192269
>                 <http://bugs.sun.com/bugdatabase/view_bug.do?bug_id=7192269>
>                 which marked
>                 as Not an Issue and for me is not clear why?
>                 Could you please suggest workaround? Or please fix this =)
>                 Best Regards,
>                 Vladimir

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