<AWT Dev> Modal dialogs for fullscreen window

Vladimir Kravets vova.kravets at gmail.com
Mon Apr 22 07:33:33 PDT 2013

Done. You can look at the same link. BTW the full listing webrev directory
you can find on the
https://github.com/vkravets/awt-fixes/tree/master/8012586 link.

> I assume you have tested this fix and it works as expected for your use
Of course =)

>Although I'm a little concerned about other window managers that may
present DIALOG windows somehow completely differently (as some Mac-style
sheets for example). In this case the fix may fail since it marks regular
owned windows as DIALOGs, too. This is purely a theoretical concern, but
still something to think about. Shouldn't we check the window type instead
of just checking whether the window has an owner or not?

Since this is is not ICCCM-compliant atom, thus I guess that all another
WM's should compliant by this spec from freedesktop.

In this section very clearly specified how should react WM's on different
wndow type. BTW before fix AWT was not fully compliant with this spec =(

Best Regards,
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