<AWT Dev> Review request for 8005997 : [macosx] Printer Dialog opens an additional title bar

Petr Pchelko petr.pchelko at oracle.com
Wed Jan 23 06:09:20 PST 2013

Hello, Anthony, Artem.

I have verified that the printing dialog is created via [NSPrintPanel runModalWithPageInfo:info] and page dialog is created via [NSPageLayout runModalWithPrintInfo:info]. 
The documentation states that both methods display the dialogs application-modally, so I suppose there is no way to bring other Java windows on top of them.

With best regards. Petr. 

On Jan 23, 2013, at 5:14 PM, Anthony Petrov wrote:

> Hi Petr,
> The checkBlocking() should actually bring the blocker window to top. In your case the blocker is the native print dialog. I'd suggest to look at how the dialog is created in the printing code in JDK, and make sure they show the dialog modally (using the native modality support on OS X). In this case the OS will not allow one to Alt-Tab out of the print dialog to another window of the same app until the dialog is closed.
> Alternatively, if using the native modality is not an option, then we have to somehow get a reference to the native NSWindow/NSPanel instance associated with the native print dialog, and bring it to top in the checkBlocking() method.
> --
> best regards,
> Anthony
> On 1/23/2013 11:50, Petr Pchelko wrote:
>> Hello, AWT Team.
>> Please review the fix for the issue:
>> http://bugs.sun.com/view_bug.do?bug_id=8005997
>> The fix is available at:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~pchelko/8005997/webrev.00/
>> This is a very simple fix, we just should not show the blocker if it is a PrintingDialog. The dialog will be shown by the native system.
>> With best regards. Petr.

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