<AWT Dev> [8] Review request for 7117595: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in Win32GraphicsEnvironment if display is removed

Artem Ananiev artem.ananiev at oracle.com
Thu Sep 26 02:28:04 PDT 2013

On 9/24/2013 11:58 AM, Anthony Petrov wrote:
> Hi Sergey,
> I think that throwing an AWTError is too risky for JDK 8. We might want
> to implement this early in JDK 9 though.

Both throwing an error and returning null are risky. A good news, 
however, is that we don't expect the array to be empty, so it doesn't 
matter how to fail in this case :)

Let us stick with .02 version of the fix.



> For now, I think returning null is OK. E.g., see
> CGraphicsEnvironment.getDefaultScreenDevice(). It simply returns null if
> there's no screen devices found after a second re-initialization
> attempt. The rest of code (user apps and tests) seem to be happy with
> this implementation.
> --
> best regards,
> Anthony
> On 09/23/2013 09:59 PM, sergey malenkov wrote:
>> Could you please review the second version of the fix:
>> http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~malenkov/7117595.8.1/
>> I throw AWTError if there are no more screen devices.
>> On 23.09.2013 16:47, sergey malenkov wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> Could you please review the following fix:
>>> fix:http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~malenkov/7117595.8.0/
>>> bug:https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-7117595
>>> Thanks,
>>> SAM

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