<AWT Dev> [9] Review Request: 8033367 [macosx] Appletviewer was broken in jdk8 b124

Petr Pchelko petr.pchelko at oracle.com
Tue Jun 3 11:18:57 UTC 2014

Hello, AWT Team.

Please review a little fix for the issue:
The fix is available here:

The problem:
We were doing too much in JNI_OnLoad. Loading many classes, making sync calls to Appkit thread, loading classes and native libs from Appkit thread and so on.
This was causing deadlocks and crashes that we've workarounded for 8. But for 9 I've rewritten the AWT startup code to make JNI_OnLoad do a bit less work.

The solution:
Now loading awt native lib does not trigger loading AppKit and starting NSApplication. Instead we just load a library and tell Cocoa we are going to be multithreaded.
We start Appkit when Toolkit is created, so now we avoid problems with deadlocks on runtime lock. 

An issue with the fix:
I've made GraphicsEnvironment also load AppKit, because we use an NSView for a scratch surface in an OpenGL context. Really this is quite likely not needed as we are
(should be) using FBOs for offscreen rendering. But getting rid of an NSView-based scratch surface is a separate big project, so I'll file a bug for it and now let's load 
Appkit when GraphicsEnvironment is initialized too.

I have run all JCK, all regression tests, sanity-tested JFX interop and SWT interop, checked applets and webstart, tested headless mode. Everything seems to work fine,
but anyway this fix is extremely risky. But this should be done if we want to avoid a problems like JDK-8033367 or JDK-8031050. 

Thank you.
With best regards. Petr.

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