<AWT Dev> Review request for JDK-8038631: Create wrapper for awt.Robot with additional functionality

Dmitriy Ermashov dmitriy.ermashov at oracle.com
Mon Mar 31 08:40:39 UTC 2014

Please, review the changeset for:

Webrev is here:

Presently for testing of JDK client we use test suites of two kinds, 
historically called regression and functional (internal). In JDK9 we 
plan an attempt to unify them and ultimately get rid of the functional 

One of the first technical problems in this refactoring attempt is a 
multitude of the java.awt.Robot wrappers. There are some really 
elaborate libraries enhansing Robot which all we cannot and should not 
port to jtreg.

Fortunately, test writers almost never use complex features of these 
wrappers. So here's our plan:
(1) describe the real practice of the robot use in the functional tests 
(please don't worry, that's out of scope of this request);
(2) write a minimal useful RobotWrapper extending java.awt.Robot;
(3) start functional tests refactoring;
(4) cautiously move enhancements to the java.awt.Robot trying not to 
break backward compatibility of thousands existing tests. For instance, 
waitForIdle should use realSync() but there definitely
are plenty of tests using it on EDT: or maybe not -- we should spent 
some time for background research in parallel with (3).


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