<AWT Dev> Request for review, JDK-8009883, REGRESSION: test/closed/javax/swing/AbstractButton/4246045/bug4246045.java fails

Pete Brunet peter.brunet at oracle.com
Wed May 7 01:45:02 UTC 2014

Hi Swing and AWT teams, (and Artem since you were involved in the
7179482 fix),

I'd appreciate your review for a fix to a regression in
java.awt.Component and javax.swing.JComponent.

Original bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-7179482
Orignal CCC: 7179482
Regression Bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8009883
Regression Fix Webrev:

Problem Description:
jdk/test/closed/javax/swing/AbstractButton/4246045/bug4246045.java tests
to make sure the focus state changes whenever a JButton or JToggleButton
property change listener is called.  The problem in this case is that
for each change of focus the listener is called twice.  The first time
there is no problem because for example the component is not focused and
then it is, but the second time the listener is called the component is
already focused and the new state is also focused so the test case
detects that the focus state didn't change.

Root cause:
There are two focus gained and two focus lost events fired when
JComponents gain/loose focus.  Part of the fix for JDK-7179482 was to
deprecate the JComponent.AccessibleJComponent.accessibleFocusHandler
field noting that
Component.AccessibleAWTComponent.accessibleAWTFocusHandler should be
used instead.  The problem is that this was not done when 7179482 was
fixed.  The end result is that two focus listeners are added when
JComponent.AccessibleJComponent.addPropertyChangeListener is called. 
The first listener is added in that property change method and the
second one is added when the superclass method is called, i.e.
Component.AccessibleAWTComponent.addPropertyChangeListener.  The two
listeners cause two focus events with the second one not causing a state

Proposed fix:
The proposed fix is for
JComponent.AccessibleJComponent.addPropertyChangeListener to set its
listener into Component.AccessibleAWTComponent.accessibleAWTFocusHandler
so when the superclass method,
Component.AccessibleAWTComponent.addPropertyChangeListener is called the
listener at that level will already be set.

A side effect of the fix is that logic was needed to be added in
Component.AccessibleAWTComponent.addPropertyChangeListener to deal with
the fact that the
Component.AccessibleAWTComponent.accessibleAWTFocusHandler field can be
set either from within the object's subclass method
JComponent.AccessibleJComponent.addPropertyChangeListener or via an
external call to Component.AccessAWTComponent.addPropertyChangeListener
for cases other than when there is a JComponent subclass of Component. 
In the former case the listener is already set by the subclass so a
focus listener isn't added.  In the latter case the listener is not yet
added so a focus listener is new'd and added.

There are similar considerations when removing a listener; this can be
seen in the webrev.

There may be a better way to fix this but the proposed fix does resolve
the issue that the test case exposed.

Best regards,

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