<AWT Dev> <AWT_Dev> [9] Review request for 8063102: Change open awt regression tests to avoid sun.awt.SunToolkit.realSync, part 1

Yuri Nesterenko yuri.nesterenko at oracle.com
Fri Nov 7 16:15:49 UTC 2014


please review the first batch of 34 regression tests
modified to eliminate internal references (mostly to realSync
but not only). Several closed tests moved in the open.


removal diff:

These are (1) AWT tests; (2) mostly non-interactive: not
creating a Robot for automated interactions.

This batch of tests passed (and some failed as before)
on three platforms.

A change to  WarningWindowDisposeTest.java contains a hack
in passing of arguments to a child JVM process. We'll
fix that by modification of a common helper class in 8064355.


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