<AWT Dev> [9] Review Request: 8143054 [macosx] KeyEvent modifiers do not contain information about mouse buttons

Semyon Sadetsky semyon.sadetsky at oracle.com
Thu Dec 24 17:21:40 UTC 2015

On 12/24/2015 7:37 PM, Phil Race wrote:
> On 12/24/2015 07:52 AM, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
>>> We use to add those fields usually but I don't see any obstacles to 
>>> make
>>> the test anonymous. :)
>> The author of the test(and of any other files) can be tracked by the 
>> hg history.
> As someone who has maintained a lot of JDK code over the years I have 
> seen
> files completely transformed such that the "author" had no hand in 
> what is left
> except for the name of the file/class.
> So I think tracking via 'hg' is much more honest about who did what than
> asserting something about an entire file for all posterity and I would 
> not
> add @author .. and don't think I ever have.
> -phil.

I did know about this new convention. I just wondered because the most 
tests I saw had such fields... Still no objections.

The updated fix looks good to me.


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