<AWT Dev> JNI JavaVM* pointer - above 32 bits now with Java 9?

Pete Brunet peter.brunet at oracle.com
Fri Jul 17 19:53:03 UTC 2015

This is a JNI question.  Is the JavaVM* pointer returned by GetJavaVM
guaranteed to not have any bits in the upper 32? 

There is old code I am working with that stores the JavaVM pointer in
longs (32 bits on 64 bit Win) and uses longs to transfer the value all
around within the code and to/from an external native API.

It's not been a problem in the past but since 9 b58 and the switch to VS
2013 java.exe has the High Entropy Virtual Addresses bit set which means
that all memory addresses in a 64-bit app are guaranteed to be above 4gb
( 4294967295 aka 0xFFFFFFFF) and thus have bits in the upper 32, but I
don't know if that also applies to the JavaVM* pointer.

If there will be address bits in the upper 32 one possible workaround to
save recompilation by users of the external native API might be to save
the upper 32 bits after calling GetJavaVM and then prepend those bits
whenever the long comes back in from the external API.  The users of the
external API never manipulate those bits; they receive the bits when
starting to use the API.

Is there a better list for this question?

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