<AWT Dev> [9] Fix for JDK-8074824: Resolve disabled warnings for libawt_xawt

Ajit Ghaisas ajit.ghaisas at oracle.com
Thu Jun 23 07:09:43 UTC 2016


Bug :
    (Resolve disabled warnings for libawt_xawt)

As part of fixing this bug, I have -

    1. Fixed warnings in source code after removing blanket warning suppressions from makefile.

    2. In case the warning fix is not possible, converted blanket warning suppression for this library to suppression of warnings for individual files. 

    3. Added comments in makefile for the warning suppression that cannot be fixed. 

   One type of gcc warning 'deprecated-declarations' will be fixed separately (as part of JDK-8160146)

I have built the changes successfully on all supported platforms.

Webrev : 

Request you to review.


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