<AWT Dev> [9] Review request for 8166591 [macos 10.12] Trackpad scrolling of text on OS X 10.12 Sierra is very fast (Trackpad, Retina only)

Sergey Malenkov malenkov at gmail.com
Tue Oct 4 15:49:44 UTC 2016

I've got old MacBook Air 2011, 11" non-Retina display.  I installed
Sierra and reproduced the fast scrolling issue.  Now I have no idea
when it can be reproduced and when cannot.  Then I installed 10.12.1
beta (16B2333a).  Seems that the issue is not reproducible with a
system terminal anymore, but it is still reproducible with JDK.  My
first simple patch solves this issue.  Now I'm building new custom JDK
with the patch we created together. Stay tuned...

> Message from Mike Swingler about sensitive scrolling:
>>The original issue your bug was duplicated against
>> has been resolved by the HID engineering team,
>> and should be available in a forthcoming beta of
>> macOS 10.12.1. To get it via Software Update,
>> sign up at <https://beta.apple.com>
> We need to test our changes against ASAP.

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