<AWT Dev> [9] Review request for 8166591 [macos 10.12] Trackpad scrolling of text on OS X 10.12 Sierra is very fast (Trackpad, Retina only)

Sergey Malenkov malenkov at gmail.com
Thu Sep 29 19:40:19 UTC 2016

> It depends from the application, just checked on the list of emails in the
> Thunderbird which have small "deadzone". I think we should not do any magic
> in this files. only get native event and post it to upper level(the int
> value should be accumulated) And this is responsibility of upper level to do
> some work depending from the MouseWheelEvent.

But we already did some magic to support mouse event.
On the top level I have no access to the phase values.

>> In Java lists and trees a unit is a line (~12 or ~24 pixels)
> This how these component implemented and I think we can change or tweak
> this. If you run SwingSet2 demo on "Scroll Pane Demo" you will see that it
> is possible to scroll per units(every pixel on non-retina/every two pixels
> on the retina).

This is not a list. And this image scrolls very-very slow.
Usually we setUnitIncrement(10) to such components.
Note, that MouseWheelEvent contains deltaY (line scroll)
instead of scrollingDeltaY (pixel scroll) from native events.

Best regards,
Sergey A. Malenkov

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