<AWT Dev> [9] Review request for 8178905: Undercorated frame is not painted on OEL7(Gnome3).

Semyon Sadetsky semyon.sadetsky at oracle.com
Wed Apr 19 17:07:29 UTC 2017

On 04/19/2017 12:45 PM, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:

>> Actually, a lot of SQE test falls on OEL7 because of this bug. For example, the one which is linked to the JIRA issue.
>> As it is pointed in JIRA the bug is reproducible in JDK8.
> Then it is strange that those bugs from sqe was not reported on jdk8. I have run the test from the description of this bug and tests which were reported by Yury on my Ubuntu+gnome3 and all of them passed.
> Can you please try to install the latest updates on OEL7(on my system Gnome 3.18 is installed).
I have the latest OEL 7.3 installed from scratch. And I remember that I 
could not reproduce this bug on some older OEL 7 version. You need to 
test on the latest OEL 7 update.
>> Frame.isUndecorated() is not called here because the peer field is used.
>> --Semyon
>> On 04/19/2017 06:53 AM, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
>>> Hi, Semyon.
>>> A few questions:
>>>   - Is it possible to add a test case for this bug? Since the bug was not found by sqe I assume we have no such tests.
>>>   - Is the bug reproducible on jdk8?
>>>   - Is it possible that parentFrame.isTargetUndecorated() may call the users code via XFramePeer->isTargetUndecorated()->Frame.isUndecorated()?
>>>   - I suggest to create a standalone native application and send a bug report to the gnome3 team. Because next year it will be default on Ubuntu as well.
>>>> Hello,
>>>> Please review fix for JDK9:
>>>> bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-8178905
>>>> webrev: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~ssadetsky/8178905/webrev.00/
>>>> When an undecorated window is initialized Gnome3 WM does not send the ConfigureNotify event which is must in the Linux AWT implementation to establish the correct frame content size.
>>>> The suggested fix introduces a check for the frame content was initialized upon the Expose notification and updates the content bounds if necessary.
>>>> --Semyon

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