<AWT Dev> [9] Review request for 8178905: Undercorated frame is not painted on OEL7(Gnome3).

Sergey Bylokhov sergey.bylokhov at oracle.com
Fri Apr 21 08:21:23 UTC 2017

----- semyon.sadetsky at oracle.com wrote:
> I have the latest OEL 7.3 installed from scratch. And I remember that
> I 
> could not reproduce this bug on some older OEL 7 version. You need to

ok, then it looks like a regression in the OEL/RHEL 7.3 (the bug is related to the gnome3 in these distrs).
The current fix looks fine, but I suggest also to file a bug for OEL/RHEL. Since the bug affects Openjdk7/jdk8/jdk9 and probably icedtea

Mario, Can you please take a look?

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