<AWT Dev> Regarding com.apple.eio.FileManager and JEP 272

Andrew Thompson lordpixel at mac.com
Sun Feb 19 17:24:32 UTC 2017


I've been browsing through the docs and commits for JEP 272, the Desktop and Taskbar enhancements intended to replace, extend and take cross platform the old com.apple.eio and eawt classes. 

All in all excellent work. It is great to see these capabilities in true cross platform Java code.  

Along the way three things seem to have been lost:

1. A replacement for FileManager.findFolder
2. Extended File attributes for creator code and type
3. Gesture support.  

Of these three #1, findFolder is the most interesting to me. The ability to look up common user folders (home, application support, preference files) in a cross platform way seems like a great facility to have for writing truly native feeling desktop apps, and there isn't really a good workaround except for hard coding platform specific knowledge. 

Did I miss a replacement or was a ticket entered to address it later?


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