<AWT Dev> Proposal:AIX's CDE/MWM support

Ichiroh Takiguchi takiguc at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Fri May 18 17:48:25 UTC 2018

Hello Phil.

Webrev.zip file is stored into

Test programs are also stored:
No testcase is available for FontUtilities.java and XDecoratedPeer.java.

Run SystemColorTest2, system colors should be displayed
AIX sample is

On AIX CDE, isMotif and isCDE were true.
On AIX MWM, every entry is false.

On AIX CDE, click inside of "Non-Focusable" window (not window frame).
Window focus should not be changed because of "click on focus" feature.
But input focus is moved to "Non-Focusable" window.

On 2018-05-18 01:00, Phil Race wrote:
> I think we'd need to see the actual proposed changes and understand
> the implications
> for ongoing support as we no longer support any platform which has a
> CDE desktop.
> Solaris 11.3 uses Gnome, so we'd be more inclined to be ripping out
> such support rather
> than adding to it.
> -phil.
> On 05/17/2018 04:18 AM, Ichiroh Takiguchi wrote:
>> Hello,
>> IBM would like to contribute AIX's CDE (Common Desktop Environment) 
>> DTWM (Desktop Window Manager) /MWM (Motif Window Manager) support to 
>> OpenJDK project.
>> I'd like contribute following 5 files:
>> M src/java.desktop/share/classes/sun/font/FontUtilities.java
>> (Add isAIX flag to determine AIX platform for GUI environment)
>> M src/java.desktop/unix/classes/sun/awt/X11/MotifColorUtilities.java
>> (Add High Color support on CDE, OpenJDK just supports Medium Color) 
>> [1]
>> M src/java.desktop/unix/classes/sun/awt/X11/XDecoratedPeer.java
>> (Avoid miss calculation for window position under DTWM/MWM by 
>> XMapRaised/XMapWindow)
>> M src/java.desktop/unix/classes/sun/awt/X11/XWM.java
>> (Detect MWM on AIX platform)
>> M src/java.desktop/unix/classes/sun/awt/X11/XWindowPeer.java
>> (Add non-focusable window support on DTWM/MWM for AIX, because 
>> DTWM/MWM does not have enough features for ICCCM)
>> I appreciate any feedback please, and how I would go about obtaining a 
>> sponsor and contributor ?
>> Thanks,
>> Ichiroh Takiguchi
>> IBM Japan, Ltd.
>> [1] 
>> https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E19253-01/806-7492/fontsandcolors-15233/index.html

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