<AWT Dev> <Swing Dev> [12] JDK-7124285: Nothing heard from VoiceOver regarding the status of the progress bar

shashidhara.veerabhadraiah at oracle.com shashidhara.veerabhadraiah at oracle.com
Mon Nov 5 07:08:00 UTC 2018

Hi Sergey, I enabled 'All controls' access in the 
'Keyboard->Shortcuts->Accessibility' but still was not able to get the 
focus unto the progress bar and even with the short cut that you 
mentioned it always skipped the progress bar. The control would move 
from 'edit text box' to 'Start loading text' button. Even the bug 
description says to use the tab key to do this operation.

Only with this fix, I was able to select the progress bar control and 
otherwise not and that is true as per the focus traversal policy used 
for this control type.

Thanks and regards,


On 03/11/18 3:00 AM, Sergey Bylokhov wrote:
> I am not sure that the focusable property should be changed to fix 
> this issue.
> because the property is ignored when a11y shortcuts are used, at least 
> I am
> able to select the progress bar using 
> ctr+shift+cnd+left/right/up/down. And
> VO reads the current value of the progress bar, but if the demo is in 
> progress("Start
> loading text" button was pressed) the VO did not read information 
> about the new
> values of the progress bar.
> On 24/10/2018 22:31, Shashidhara Veerabhadraiah wrote:
>> Hi Sergey, While fixing this bug I did not verified the behavior of 
>> other components and how they behave with respect to the AT. Since 
>> the question about other components came up and did some debugging on 
>> that part. Below is the reason that I could find:
>> It is all about the focus traversal policy that is used for each 
>> component type. While the both the JProgressBar and JLabel derived 
>> from JComponent and then JComponent is also derived from Container 
>> and Component class. JProgressBar component goes via the 
>> DefaultFocusTraversalPolicy(.java) while the JLabel goes via the 
>> ContainerOrderFocusTraversalPolicy(.java) where there are overriding 
>> methods of accept() function. This builds different behavior for 
>> JLabel and JProressBar while focus traversal.
>> Since the both the components are derived out of Component class both 
>> are default to focusable to true(Component.java) but because of the 
>> way accept() method is overridden, JProgressBar's focusable state is 
>> considered only when the focus traversable is overridden(not 
>> FOCUS_TRAVERSABLE_DEFAULT). Now by calling setFocusable() explicitly 
>> overrides the current policy to FOCUS_TRAVERSABLE_SET, hence the 
>> focusable state of the JProgressBar is considered afterwards.
>> Hope this answers. Please let me know if you have any questions.
>> Thanks and regards,
>> Shashi
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>> Subject: Re: <Swing Dev> [12] JDK-7124285: Nothing heard from 
>> VoiceOver regarding the status of the progress bar
>> Hi, Shashi.
>> Can you please provide more information about relation of focusable 
>> state and a VoiceOver? The simple JLabel is not focusable, but 
>> VoiceOver reads its contents, and it is possible to select the label 
>> using VoiceOver's shortcuts.
>> On 22/10/2018 00:36, shashidhara.veerabhadraiah at oracle.com wrote:
>>> Hi All, Please review a swingset fix for the below bug.
>>> Bug: https://bugs.openjdk.java.net/browse/JDK-7124285
>>> Fix: http://cr.openjdk.java.net/~sveerabhadra/7124285/webrev.00/
>>> Problem: The JProgressBar component used in the swingset demo was 
>>> not focusable and once it is turned on, now the progress status is 
>>> getting narrated via the voice over.
>>> Thanks and regards,
>>> Shashi

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