<AWT Dev> <Swing Dev> [12] JDK-7124285: Nothing heard from VoiceOver regarding the status of the progress bar

Sergey Bylokhov Sergey.Bylokhov at oracle.com
Sat Nov 10 03:42:47 UTC 2018

On 07/11/2018 23:18, Shashidhara Veerabhadraiah wrote:
>  From the usability perspective of a disabled person, I don't think one would know use the Ctrl+option+shift kind of traversal and they would definitely prefer to be same across the platforms. i.e., TAB key traversals(just the important visible UI element traversals). So considering that, the solution should at least work in the usability scenarios across the platforms!!

No, instead he will use shortcuts of the VO, which will read content of all important accessible elements, even if the real UI components are non-focusable/non-editable.

Try this example:
         EventQueue.invokeAndWait(() -> {
             JFrame f = new JFrame();
             f.setLayout(new FlowLayout());
             f.add(new JLabel("text 1"));
             f.add(new JLabel("text 2"));
             f.add(new JLabel("text 3"));
             f.add(new JLabel("text 4"));
             JButton comp = new JButton("text 4");

How did you read the content of the labels and button using "tab"?

Best regards, Sergey.

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