<AWT Dev> [12] Review Request: 8211833 Javadoc cleanup of java.applet package

Sergey Bylokhov Sergey.Bylokhov at oracle.com
Wed Oct 31 01:41:23 UTC 2018

On 30/10/2018 12:35, Phil Race wrote:
> Looks OK but I am wondering why some of the formatting changes were done
> - * then a call to {@code getParameter("Color")} returns the
> - * value {@code "blue"}.
> + * then a call to {@code getParameter("Color")} returns the value
> + * {@code "blue"}.

I splits the lines at 80 chars(with some small exceptions), line by line,
while I read the text.
Usually this makes the javadoc a little bit smaller, there are not
much difference in the case above, it just unified approach was applied.

> This one looks odd :
> + * Each element of the array should be a set of three {@code Strings}
> Since there is no class called "Strings".
> Is that how plurals are handled in other parts of the javadoc ?
> I thought I might have used {@code String}s instead but I don't know how that formats.

This is a questionable place, the {@code Strings} is not strictly correct,
but {@code String}s is looks odd as well, because part of the same word is rendered by the
different fonts in the javadoc.
Probably the best choice is to change the "Strings" to the
plain "strings"(lowcase S)?

Best regards, Sergey.

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